Sankofa Crew, a breakdance group in Munich, has made a significant impact on the local dance scene over their 15-year journey. Named after a mythical bird, they emphasize the importance of acknowledging the roots of hip-hop culture while evolving.

The crew, which started in the early 2000s, has grown from a small group of dancers to a diverse family united by a love for hip-hop and dance. Their performances are known for their powerful moves, intricate footwork, and deep connection to the music. Beyond dance, Sankofa Crew is committed to community-building, teaching local youth breakdancing, and using it as a tool for personal growth.

Their 15th-anniversary celebration showcased their influence on Munich's cultural landscape and the unity they promote. As they continue, the Sankofa Crew remains dedicated to preserving tradition, fostering innovation, and using dance to unite people.
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00:20 - 03.11.2023