VEGYN: A producer whose work you are familiar with even if you don't know his name

The British DJ-Producer Vegyn, born Joseph Winger Thornalley, is most known for his significant contributions to some of the most influential albums of recent years.
To name a few, the production work for Frank Ocean on 'Blonde' and 'Endless', associations with a diverse range of artists from James Blake, to collaborations with Travis Scott. Dean Blunt, Kali Uchis, Jessie Reyez, JPEGMafia, and others whereas he showcased his versatility and skill.

However, let's shift the focus beyond his famous collaborators and center the conversation on him.

Not only is Vegyn a creator of genre-defying beats with a cheerful melancholia, but also a skilled (graphic-)designer and the proprietor of a label called 'PLZ make it ruins' founded in 2014 with money saved from retail and bar employment. The label is a platform that seeks to empower as well as develop artists while pushing boundaries and expanding the vision of what a record label should be. In an interview with 032, Thornalley stated that his label's purpose is "trying to fill the void of the label that I wish had been there for me when I was younger."

Despite maintaining a relatively low profile, the founder of PLZ rarely does interviews and performs live, even less. In contrast to Vegyn's inactivity on his few social media channels, the producer's discography is filled with numerous sample-packed EPs and two mixtapes totaling over 70 tracks.

The British producer desires to be an artist who releases a lot of things rather than getting caught up in illusions of grandeur, which makes it clear that he is more interested in brief, powerful bursts of artistic expression.

Throughout his creation process, he draws inspiration from the philosophy of David Lynch. Therefore, he sets no expectations for himself and simply lets the creation flow synthetically. The creative approach encapsulated in his belief is explained as a flow state in which you tap into a natural rhythm. That is why it makes little difference how much time he devotes to something. His most significant value is whether it allows a genuine connection and has actual power to it, even if it is done relatively effortlessly. This ethos emphasizes his intriguing juxtaposition between being an artist preserving privacy and the vast body of art he has shared with the world.

In essence, Vegyn represents a refreshing departure from the norm - a creator who values artistic integrity over acclaim, constantly pushing boundaries while remaining true to his vision. In an interview with the crack magazine he said that, "I feel like any time you land in a particular comfort zone, you have to try to break out of it." So, the next time you find yourself captivated by his creations, remember that behind the scenes is a talented individual whose name may not be in the spotlight, but whose impact is unmistakable.

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11:39 - 05.05.2024